Douglas Evje, President of B&M Machine Corporation of Racine, recently announced the acquisition of a Hurco® VMX50 Vertical Machining Center (VMC. "The decrease in cycle time on this VMC will positively impact our productivity by doubling our current throughput," revealed Evje. The new VMC will be used on an extensive variety of parts and materials, including shafts, plate work, castings and forgings.

Evje was lavish in his praise of the Hurco® VMX50 in an interview about the purchase. "Since we can utilize this new VMC for any number of jobs that we produce, it alleviates bottlenecks in the production schedule by freeing up other machines. Added to our existing equipment, this has greatly affected our efficiency and productivity. The Hurco® VMC's high speed feed rates significantly enhance finish quality. The 10,000 rpm high torque spindle means the VMX50 is ideal for machining aluminum and plastic, or any other soft materials."

"One of the Hurco® VMX50's most noteworthy aspects," Evje explained,"is its rapid traverse rate (X & Y axis) of 1181 ipm, or just under 100 feet per minute. The machining center's table size of 59" X 26" and 3000# capacity make it suitable for high performance machining. And, its 24 station swing arm automatic tool changer completes a change in only two seconds. In machining, faster means shorter turnaround times for the customer, and that's always a plus."

"We selected this particular VMC because of its programmability," Evje continued. The UltiMax® 4 Programming Station of the VMX50 applies Hurco's patented Conversational software to simplify shop floor programming and editing so that machinists can quickly input part parameters, verify that specifications are correct, and begin the machining operations. In addition, the UltiMax® 4 features graphic simulation of the part in two dimensions, invaluable in previewing what has been programmed prior to actual machining. DXF capabilities are also included.

Concluding, Evje noted, "We've been utilizing Hurco® equipment for more than 20 years to provide our customers the high quality parts they have come to expect from B&M Machine. The equipment is durable, dependable and well suited to our diverse range of prototype and production runs. As a bonus, there is no production time lost to learning a new system. Our operators and set up personnel are familiar with our other Hurco® VMCs, so the transition is seamless. The purchase of this unit is evidence of our continuing program of capital investments designed to offer our customers the highest quality parts, cost-efficiently," he stated.