Company Profile

High Quality Machining

For over 33 years, b&m machine corporation of racine has been providing superior high precision machining, tooling and peripheral services to a broad spectrum of market segments that include mining machinery, marine and off-road transmissions, packaging machinery, fluidpower equipment, fabricated plate work and more. b&m’s unmatched ability to solve virtually any machining problem quickly and cost-efficiently results in exceptional value and complete customer satisfaction.


Commitment to Quality

A significant measure of b&m’s success is based on the performance of our dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen. More than 75% of our employees possess over 10 years of industry experience. That wealth of knowledge translates into an exceptional quality part that exceeds even the most challenging project parameters. In fact, b&m is recognized for our ability to develop creative solutions to customer objectives that others have been unable to resolve.


Diverse Capabilities

Continuous investments in the latest machining capabilities have allowed b&m to stay ahead of our competition. We excel at producing extremely intricate parts with tight tolerances of up to 0.0005". And, we have the ability to work with a wide range of materials, from a large variety of metals to dynamic rubber and plastic. b&m also offers a full complement of value-added services, including rush delivery and free part inventory.


Customer Interaction

b&m’s commitment to exceptional customer service begins with our great response time so we can provide the customer a quick turnaround on any questions or problems. High quality control standards throughout every stage of production ensure that your job is completed right the first time.

In fact, we visit our customers on a regular basis to assure their total satisfaction with our job performance. Such friendly, honest and personalized customer interaction is simply standard operating procedure at b&m.


Your Turnkey Alternative

At b&m, the need for multiple sourcing is eliminated. Our totally integrated services provide our customers, both large and small, a cost- and time-efficient turnkey alternative to every phase of their machining objectives.


Continuous Improvement

To ensure our services always meet our customers’ demands, we periodically perform formal market research that specifically measures our performance versus that of our competitors. This continuous improvement strategy allows b&m, today and tomorrow, to constantly monitor and react to our customers’ most stringent requirements.


Value-Added Benefit

Whether you are a small start-up company or a high profile Fortune 500 corporation, b&m promises to deliver uncompromising quality, superior value and unparalleled technical support every time ... no excuses.