“I’m beyond pleased with the service and quality I receive from B&M.
In fact, I wish that dealing with every company was as easy!”

B&M Machine Corporation or Racine takes great pride in everything we do. For over 33 years B&M has been providing superior quality high precision machining, and continues to do this by retaining our old fashioned values. We like to think of our customers as family
and ensure their needs come first.

B&M is truly unique. It still possesses the wonderful
qualities of a small company while offering very good service.”

“The characteristics that I value most about B&M are its old fashioned
values. At B&M the Customer comes first!

When we take on a project here at B&M, it’s not just another job to us. Every project is a reflection of our capabilities and knowledge. It’s a display of our passion for perfection and constant strive toward redefining excellence. Our customers feel this dedication and let us know through testimonials.

It’s reassuring to know that whenever I place an order
with B&M I will receive consistently high quality work”

Simply stated, B&M’s staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in all
areas of machining. They’re not afraid to take on a challenge,
even those others refuse to tackle.”

B&M is very reliable. It is a good honest company that is
always available to assist with problem solving.”

B&M relies on “word of mouth” advertising. We believe when another company says “Our confidence level with b&m is very high.” And whenever I place an order with B&M I will receive consistently high quality work” this is the best form of advertising a company can get. It’s through these compliments B&M continues to grow and gain new business.

B&M will continue to ensure perfection in the products produced thanks to our team of personnel. As seen in the work we do “redefining excellence” will always be a goal and customer relations will always be #1 so if you have any feedback please contact us here.